Communication and Implication

What implication could one get from a conversation?

Every day we communicate with each other to express wants and needs. When we were young, we could explicitly convey needs by simply showing our intention. The intention is usually imaginative, simple and clearly defined.

When a boy wants to buy a new toy, he may nag his mother or even embarrass her to get the toy. The demeanour is much more straightforward than adults. It is relatively much easier to understand what a person thinks during childhood.

After going through countless events that shape one personality, an adult would eventually fit into the social norm. It can be manifested by refraining from being frank for getting social approval. However, the way of talk changes gradually when one getting older, yet it may not change what one thinks,

Comparing a kid with his counterpart, an adult went through various experiences and know-how to handle a particular social situation. By effective communication and willingness to cater for another, and turn the interaction into an advantage. It happens when one is aware of what happens and its consequences.

There are moments that a person is not willingly sharing what one genuinely think. It happens mainly due to consideration, past experiences, and intention. From the different personalities, an event/incident can be described in various expressions.

Back to the communication, how does one connecting the dot between the interaction with the intention? Some people are good at showing their wants to others, while others may hide it to prevent anyone understands their shadows. To understand the situation and what one means, one needs to listen carefully and be familiar with body language.

It may be easier to control what we say, yet it may feel harder to control the body reaction when reacting with a precursor. To understand a person better, one can pay attention to body language. One could be surprised by finding the subtle clue. By understanding the implication, one could improve communication through a deeper understanding of each other.

“By paying attention to how one communicates, one could understand the implication and react better to another.”

What is your communication style? Are you satisfied with your communication style?

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