Credibility and Fortune

How does credibility related to one’s fortune?

When one has opened a phone or going out for a walk, we would encounter some of the familiar faces, such as public figures. These public figures bring an influence in some ways. Pop artists influence society lifestyle, while politicians are steering the direction of a country.

With their influences and popularity, people would perceive these figures as precious, where create something more impactful than “ordinary people”. In other words, they possess credibility in society that people put more trust in them than other people.

The main components of the credibility among these individuals are from the exposure and impact that they have strived. When one is more familiar with a person, and when the person has a positive image among people’s perception, it will significantly improve the image of this person.

Moreover, the impact can be in various ways. A medal winner to make the people of the country proud of him. A musician composes a Billboard-hitting masterpiece that makes people crazy for him. With the validation from the public, the credibility would make them charismatic ambassadors.

However, some people are not well-known yet influential and generate some fortunes on the top of their fields. The key is not to become purely popular but become a credible person. A charismatic person is not necessarily good, yet capable of influencing people and possesses positive self-branding.

Credibility and fortune affect each other significantly. It happens especially when the primary income is through personal influence, such as politicians and artists. Therefore, one should build a self-brand and become a credible person. It is not only creating fortune, but it would also let others have respect for the person.

“Credibility is an essential element to a personal fortune. where one could cultivate it through self-branding.”

In this globalization era, which one is more important for a person? Competency or credibility?

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