Robust System or Systematic Loophole?

Is a robust system could effectively prevent a loophole?

A plan could be an effective tool for one to complete a task and prevent mistakes. While humans behave in their self-interests, a wise and detailed plan could lead to an overall benefit for all parties. The plan itself could be in a robust system.

The robust system is developed in an extended period with trial and error. Ideally speaking, it will make one comply with the rule by being monitored by other parties. Under the system, one may feel safe that no error could occur. However, would a robust system prevent a mistake occur?

Humans tend to do things with the least resistance. If one can do stuff easier, why should one go for a big round to have the same results? Positively, a human could find a way to solve the problem easier. On a bigger picture, the part of the cause of social and technological development.

With a tendency to share the burden of error, ignorance will make one bypassing a system. With the bypass, the system would corrupt slowly and become catastrophic. Therefore, it could form a systematic loophole, which will exacerbate the system will eventually lead to the crumbling. However, what one can do to prevent the loophole?

Anything that requires human monitoring could change to machine monitoring. Therefore, the judgement would be objective and quantitative. With the current technology, humans would create a control system with less work.

When one is a system invigilator, one should implement the system thoroughly to ensure no bypassing case. If everyone thinks others will help to check through, nobody will take responsibility for the loophole formed. Finally, a robust system will work if the people believe they are impacting the system. Without the belief, it may eventually become a systematic loophole.

“The integrity of a system depends on the people who implement it.”

How do you prevent the degradation of a robust system?

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