The Right Man on The Right Position

How does one maximize his/her talent?

When having social interaction, it is not hard to find other people strength based on their action. Some manifest through their hobbies, while others manifest it through their dreams and goal. While everyone bears a unique talent, one is more suitable for pursuing a specific career than the others.

Some people are expressing their talents by unleashing their potential through constant training, self-alignment, and self-reflection. The enjoyment and passion when one facing a challenge has made one go through all obstacle. Eventually, it makes one honing oneself into a better being.

The effort itself is not enough for one to be successful. The fact that everyone defines success differently, the general public would have a consensus on successful traits. Successful traits are closely related to work and life satisfaction. Therefore, what makes one feel successful and satisfied?

Firstly, stability comes when the work can keep the subsistence, which is a basic human need. More than that, self-actualization is required to make one feels more meaningful. However, before countless steps to actualize oneself, what is the first action?

Everyone has a different competence level and personality, where makes one suitable in one position than another. To be realistic, not everyone wants to be on the bottom of the hierarchy level. However, the right position should be held with the right person to maintain the order of society.

For one at the bottom of society, one needs to increase the competency through constant exposure to manageable challenges, such as studying, trying out new works, training, etc. It is relatively hard to change one’s personality as it is affected by the environment. Therefore, one needs to do the work that is suitable for one’s personality.

Sometimes when one is not doing well on the task. It is not necessarily due to indolence. On the other hand, competency and personality could impact the synergy. Therefore, it is wise to re-orient the capability to achieve maximum output. With the re-alignment, one could feel meaningful and valuable.

“By improving one’s competency and personality, one could optimize oneself and satisfy with the life.”

Do you work in the right position? If not, what is your action?

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