Appearance, Does It Matter?

Appearance, does it that important?

In this era, with the development of the economy, where one could afford something more and have time to pursue a lifestyle. Pursue a lifestyle has become a way for one to have self-actualization. One aspect that one could pursue lifestyle is through fashion and beauty.

Everyone has a different scorecard for beauty. People tend to enjoy something more beautiful. Although it sounds cliché, yet some are not aware of the importance of beauty. A particular society could have a stereotype of not only in term of good or bad but also happens in terms of beauty.

The culture of appearance has deeply instilled in the society, where globalization enhances people standard of beauty. Despite there is no fixed standard, there is a consensus of what one considered beauty. This argument could be supported by the development of influencer and stars that usually has set up a standard of beauty for society.

In a trivial way, when one is asked whether one considers attractiveness based on appearance. Some may reply that appearance does not matter. The answer may make one believes that one is not a superficial being. However, one could not deny the human nature of one’s propensity for appreciating beauty.

The importance of beauty does not mean that one should disdain people with less attractiveness. However, one should be aware that appearance is the way that how one is responsible towards life. Imagine if a guy does not properly shave the beard or never bathe. It does reflect one’s attitude towards life.

The appearance that one has is built up based on habits that are difficult to be changed. However, one could change it slowly through constant feedback. Appearance is not merely a superficial aspect, but it reflects one’s attitude towards life.

Do you think that appearance matters? How important that you think it is?

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