Revealing the Unwanted, Overcome the Fear

When encountered an issue involving others, why one needs to open up?

“Oh no, I have forgotten to turn off the boiler …. “, ” Ahhh … I forget today there is an important meeting…”. It is also stressful and annoying when one has to forget some key events. While some events would bring a domino effect that severely affects others, it is anxious to tell other people about issue in an emergency.

The fear of disclosing the problem is mainly due to several reasons. The fear of criticism from others could be the main reason why people refuse to tell the truth. Other than affecting self-esteem, but it could make others question the ability to solve issues.

Another reason is the belief that things will go well without telling anyone. When one has breached the rules, one may believe it could be ignored and passed eventually. Sometimes it may work while the issue is ignored. However, it does not always work in every scenario. Therefore, one needs to evaluate whether needs to tell the incident.

It may not have consequences if one has committed a mistake when one is young. When one grows older, one may bear more responsibilities in various forms – career, family, etc. It is inevitable for a human to make mistakes. However, when one has gone astray and denying to admit. In a way, it could lead to a catastrophe in one’s life.

For instance, a corrupted official has refused to admit his mistake. To hidden the issue, he threatened others by using his power. The ignorance of the rectification is not only destroying the personality and of the transparency of his agency. Willful blindness from his action would bring negative consequences to the people.

To sum up, one may have fear telling the truth when it is unfavourable to the truth-teller. However, one needs to overcome the fear and bear the consequences and responsibility before things getting worse. By rectifying the issue, one becomes mentally stronger to face further challenges.

“By rectifying the mistake, it does not show one’s weakness. Instead, it shows the willingness and perseverance to solve the problem.”

What will you do if you encountered an emergency issue?

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