Creativity in a Constraint

Why creativity is a solution to solve a limitation?

When one hears of the word “creativity”, one could associate it with art or something related to abstract ideas. Creativity, an idea generated from the unconventional thinking method, is a skill that is essential despite no clear way to cultivate it.

In real life, creativity is not only limited to some fancy arts. It encompasses every single aspect of life. The living standard that people enjoy currently is the multitude of creative solutions that improve lives.

Creativity is especially to tackle the constrain given in the situation. For example, a space constraint will make one forced to think of a space-effective layout. When one embraces creativity, one would not break the rules and solve the problem beautifully.

When one studies in school or work in a company, most may follow the rule to get things done. To bring changes, one is not only following the rules but also distinct oneself through creativity. The more creative one is, the more valuable one is, given that one follows the game rules.

Creativity is a vague idea that needs to be actualized. With creativity, a person would strive beautifully. Before one has got through creativity, one needs to learn the basic rules. The basic rules that support creativity could provide a solution that would transform the world.

However, it is often that one ignores that the importance of creativity. To embrace creativity, one sometimes may need to listen to an opinion that contradicts one’s view. One is also to get used to people who break the norm. In a way, increasing tolerance of other people view would enhance one’s creativity. By incorporate other’s point and overcome the limitation, one could enjoy the benefit that creativity brings.

Creativity is an effective solution to overcome a multitude of limitation.”

What is the limitation that you face currently? Could it be solved creatively?

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