The Ability of Storytelling and Experience

How does the ability of storytelling and experience correlated with social progression?

Converse with others formed as a part of the socialization process. Within the conversation, various topics are delivered concerning the situation and the person one talks. One may share recent events or complain about a recent complication among colleagues with close pals. One may discuss vacation planning for the upcoming family holiday with parents.

The basis of the conversation is mainly from what one experiences. If two individuals have vastly different experience in their life, they will hardly relate with each other during the conversation. Other than due to the domain dependency, it may reflect the life values that one believes in.

From a myriad of experience, one could tell a story subjectively of what one feels during the experience. Despite a single experience last ephemerally, it generates a reaction that will constitute one view towards an incident. With an ability to influence others, one will convey an opinion through storytelling.

Although a story from experience may bias, it provides an idea and picture of a single matter. One may subconsciously learn from one another through storytelling. Every individual could not get a chance to experience. Stories and legends work as guidance from one to another.

However, the effect of storytelling is not as memorable as experience. It also explains that why a fresh graduate may deem not as competent as experienced people. It may due to the lesson that one learns is not relevant to the industry demand. Therefore, to completely master a skill, one needs to have first-hand experience to solve situations.

Overall, storytelling and experience shape one’s skill and world view. Through both, one could develop in a direction. Collectively, it could improve the progression of society. To improve oneself, one needs to converse and experience novel things to make a better self.

“The ability of storytelling and experiencing results in a development of humankind.”

What kind of story and experience that forms your identity?


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