Dependency and Versatility

Why should less dependent on a single component? Why should diversify the dependence on others?

As social creatures, humans are helping each other to enjoy a better life. When one has born, almost every things that one consumed based on the labour of others. On a bigger scale of the picture, what one enjoys is collectively the hard work and support from society.

Based on the statement, one can be dependent on society to survive. As one may have physical and emotional needs, one could depend on a person more heavily than another. For instance, an employee is more dependent on the employer; a boy is more dependent on his mom, or even a supplier is more dependent on his customers.

The over-reliance on a person or object induces consequences. The over-reliance nurtures one’s indolence on complacency, which make one getting sluggish and relying other people on solving a problem that solved by oneself. Another consequence of the over-reliance is the instability towards any changes that will affect the thing that one relies on others.

The complacency from the over-reliance will make one comfortable initially. When one is getting used to it, one will form behaviour of taking the assistance for granted and believe other people will solve it. When one is forced to solve the same issue in the future, one might not solve it and humiliate oneself in front of people. This issue happens commonly in a family that is spoiling their child. When the child has grown up, this issue is intensified and hardly the solution.

Additionally, when one has over-reliance on a single source, it will create instability when the single-source has ceased to supply/solve the issue of one. For instance, a rich kid without any survival skills suddenly informed that his parents getting an accident. All of a sudden, he will be directionless and confused, other than grievance.

To counteract these issues, one should find a way to reduce reliance on others. Several solutions are suggested to mitigate it once one still has chances. If one is heavily dependent on a single source, try to find a solution by being independent or learning a new skill. When one could manage to solve problems and diversify the dependency to more people, one could be an independent individual.

“The more versatile you are, the less dependent you will be.”

What is your solution to reduce dependency on others?

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  1. DannArt says:

    Es muy interesante, me ha ayudado mucho. Me gusta tu blog, gracias


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