The Benefit of Sharing Knowledge

Why should we share our knowledge with other people?

Facing an unfamiliar problem is a challenging task for most people, especially when it is not within the domain of competence. It is struggling when one may feel unrelatable when facing an unfamiliar situation or problem. For instance, when one doesn’t understand some unfamiliar topics.

Learning is necessary for one to overcome unfamiliarity. When one has spent the time to overcome it, one may think the solved problem is not that challenging. There are various ways to understand an issue, through a book, the Internet, or even asking people.

Here comes a question, why should we share our knowledge with other people? Personally speaking, there are several benefits of sharing our knowledge: improving and rectify concept, practising empathy, and improving a relationship.

First and foremost, improving and rectify our knowledge. By sharing knowledge with others, we will refresh and strengthen our understanding by teaching it to other people. Moreover, when one is trying to come with a question, it will sharpen our critical thinking. If we could not answer the question, it will make us try to improve our knowledge.

Secondly, if one has found a mistake in our arguments. one could quickly rectify it and clarify our concept. Additionally, one could be grateful and getting more confident by teaching other people. By forming a good habit of helping, it eventually makes the overall society getting better long term.

Lastly, the people that we share the knowledge tend to be grateful for what we share. It happens especially to the person who needs our help. Therefore, when we encountered a problem, the person we help may help us in the future. Given that the person that we assist is not taking our help for granted.

To conclude, the knowledge that we have may not last forever in our mind. To fully utilize knowledge by sharing it with others, and sharing is not merely caring only. By sharing knowledge, it does not only benefit yourself but also creating a better world.

Sharing knowledge is a beautiful way to make the world become a better place.”

What knowledge that you are most confident to share with other people?


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