News, Emotion, and Action

What is your feeling when you read the news. Do you feel angry, happy, or is there any other feeling?

In this era, one could gather information with several clicks. It is convenient to have a real-time update of any incidents in other parts of the world. For example, there is news about a grand opening ceremony of an event or a war ongoing in a disputed region.

When one reads the news, the media who presented it may alter people opinion on perceiving an incident. If the information is presented provocatively, one will feel contempt towards and negatively perceive the incident. On the other hand, if a notorious accident is presented in a manipulated way, one may think it is reasonable to let such accidents happen.

A media always has a standpoint of view depends on what the state or media owner interest in. The same news can be presented in different ways and contrast styles. With the contradictive argument, one may be confused about which media present it correctly. It also shows the distinction is meant to shape public stigma towards an event.

Other than official media, the news could be gathered through other unofficial sources, such as messaging services and online groups. From these sources, although the information is often spread faster. However, it is more often erroneous and misleading. Therefore, one should be careful in filtering what one received.

Based on the above arguments, one may think that since the news are not reliable, should one avoid reading the information? In my opinion, the answer is yes and no. It is almost impossible for the information to be presented in a completely objective way, and it should not be. However, if a news source will provoke you to be opinionated, one should beware of the news given.

In the end, news has been a valuable source for one to connect with the world. In this fast-paced world, one needs to filter news clearly, which could be mitigated in two ways. Firstly, think about who will be benefitted from the news. Secondly, analyzing the news or accepting different inputs or opinion. With the mitigation action, one will perceive news wisely and have a better view of the world.

“Do not let news control your emotions and actions.”

What is the last time you have a content or contempt feeling because of news?


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