Goal and Action: An Intertwined Journey

Should one be more focus on goal or actions?

After graduation from a school or university, one is often confused about career selection. In school, a student is guided by teachers and achievement are set for one to achieve. However, after graduation, despite an underlying benchmark from society, a journey is no longer fully decided by the outside environment.

From the upbringing and influence of others in childhood, one has decided a way of living. Some people have a goal for their life journey. Some may choose to go with the flow – enjoying the process. On the other hand, some may pay attention to either both or none. Therefore, what should one focus on, action or goal, to have a worthwhile life journey?

The goal, an aim towards a point, usually are set to make one’s life have a guideline. One may have a goal to buy a car in 5 years or save money for travelling the world. A goal is often associated with a milestone that indicates wealth. Another may treat goal as a checkpoint in life, such as want to marry at a certain age or completing a life checklist.

Focusing on a goal often means going through many obstacles. One may overcome the obstacle in several ways. Some are setting minor tasks and correspondingly clearing them. The others may try to find a shortcut to complete the tasks. One issue of too focused on the goal is one may ignore the conscience, which one could rectify through actions.

Action, which accounts for most of the time of a journey, is where the concrete steps taken. Often, action needs to be under the guidance of a goal. Actions will likely get astray and become effortless without a clear direction. Conversely, a goal without action is merely a dream that is not actualized.

Goal and action, that intertwined with each other, are both important in a person’s journey. None of them is more important than each other. One could optimize what one wishes by focusing on the goal and action in the right mindset and harness it in the correct method.

Goal and action are two intertwined element for a meaningful life journey.”

What are your current goal and the concrete action that makes your life meaningful?

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  1. shreya sinha says:

    Great Article 👌


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