Membership Card, A Promotion Trap

When you thought about buying a membership card, are you benefitted?

“Hey, do you want the limited edition membership card? You will get points and a 15% discount for every single purchase”. It’s prevalent to encounter these offers in a shopping center. It is very tempting, isn’t it? You may relate to it when you visit your favorite outlet frequently. For example, when you are visiting a shopping mall.

By owning a membership card, you may get the privilege to obtain a limited edition item, that sometimes only limited to member. On the other hand, one could get a first-hand discount from your favorite outlet or restaurant. However, is it beneficial to have one to have a membership card?

Ok, I need to talk about why it is not beneficial first. Generally, in my opinion, a membership card will have two disadvantages. First, if you need to pay a subscription fee for the membership card, you need to spend more to get back the subscription fee. Another phenomenon is practically infeasible to perform activities more than the subscription fee value.

Gym membership and bookstore membership card are two of the most common example. There is an annual subscription for both memberships. One likely to feel that one will be more frequent to visit either one of them. However, particularly for the gym, it is too early and eager to make a decision when one has not fully committed.

Secondly, for some of the membership that gives free points, some airlines or department store. There is a benefit of this type of membership card. The user does not require to commit oneself frequently to own a membership card. However, it will induce one having a sense of belonging to the product itself, which led one to ignore other products and options.

In the end, it’s totally fine to have a membership card. It depends on the user for how to use it. However, it is important to be rational before one has decided to purchase a membership card. One way is to check whether one has spent the money regularly on the store or not within six months. If yes, then it is reasonable to own a membership card.

“Think wisely and rationally before one has committed to an apparent benefit.”

What kind of membership card do you own? Is it worth it?

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