Tolerance and Adaptation

When you have encountered different opinions, are you going to have faith in your belief or try to accept them?

Differences, a word that describes a disagreement and dissimilarity, is what makes everyone has different opinions. Every day we have encountered differences among people that generates various points of view. Therefore, what action is needed when one disagrees because of various point of view?

Everyone has different actions after an event, while everyone was raised in various backgrounds and reacts based on previous experience. One could infer the mindset of a person based on the reaction. Therefore, what is a parameter to understand a person’s mindset?

When encountered a difference, everyone wants to prove their views are correct. Eventually, an argument will start among the parties. After several debates, it will lead to a conclusion. Both parties subconsciously will know who has the most reasonable point of view.

After the argument, having a better viewpoint is very important for both parties. The new perspective is an essential element for one to grow. With a broader perspective, one could think and consider more things before deciding on an action. By accepting a view, one could easier understand other people and have better communication skill.

In a sense, accepting other inputs is also makes one more open. To ask oneself whether one is open-minded or not, one will most likely answer yes. However, a close-minded person will not realize that one is close-minded. Therefore, the adaptability of oneself from different opinion can be used as an indication to check openness.

To sum up, it is undeniable that one will have a difference between one another. Therefore, to be open is important and essential to other people. By listening to other people, one will tend to be more open-minded. By being open-minded, one could apply tolerance in daily life and could adapt well with other people.

Openness is an essential element for one to have a tolerance mindset and adaptable personality.

What kind of action can one do to make oneself more open-minded?

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