More People, Less Task Done?

When doing a group project, do more people in the group accelerates the completion of the task?

Have you ever experienced joining a group project with only one or two people do most of the job? What is done by other group members? Surprisingly, most have a little to no contribution to the project. Sounds familiar? It does not mean that the other group members are lazy and irresponsible. Hence, what causes them not to contribute to the group project?

This phenomenon is called social aloofness, where one could alleviate trouble if other people are bearing responsibility. There are other circumstances that people will be social aloof. For example, the job that is distributed among people and not assigned clearly. Another example is when one has asked question in a group and finally no one answer it.

This phenomenon will keep oneself free from the problem. One tends to act based on the obligation instead of voluntary, results in ignorance of voluntary action. From ignorance, one could eliminate potential troubles in terms of energy, time, and money. Overall, it will be harmful to a group/social or a particular party.

Social aloofness formed because one thinks the mindset of other people is willing to take responsibility. This phenomenon is related to the human nature of procrastination. It will become a fatal issue in some circumstances. For instance, one sees an old lady is dying on the street, surrounding people are speculating instead of helping. There is a possibility for you be the spectator instead of helping

After one has realized this thinking fallacy, what action that one needs to do? If one has encountered a similar situation, try to be the one who makes the initiative. As human will tend to follow one another, it will effectively resolve an issue. On the other hand, try to give people a clear responsibility for their tasks.

Moreover, if you are the one who can control the task and situation, try to assign the task to fewer people. It will lead to the importance of these people and increase their awareness of responsibility. Therefore, more people does not necessarily get things done faster and easier.

“Initiate when there is no one in action, taking responsibility to make this world better.”

What is your experience on social aloofness?

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    if your house is close, maybe I’ll take you to drink coffee together


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