High Salary and Happiness

Does a high salary guarantee people to be happy?

The improvement of the overall economy in the world is formed based on the overall increase in productivity . There is a high demand for professional workers with adequate pay. It will lead to a remarkable increase in the number of middle class. By the significant increment of the middle-class proportion, it will increase the overall prosperity of the society.

By the improvement of prosperity, some skilled workers will have their salary increase. One could buy the items one likes, have a lifestyle that one wishes. Moreover, one will be easier to accumulate wealth. The money that one gets will improve life quality in terms of physical needs. However, is it guarantee one to be happy?

A higher salary will mean to the higher working time to produce and maintain the same outcome. One could argue that some of the professional workers may not need to work in long working hours. The employee may be stressful because of the long working hours applied to them.

From the phenomenon, it may lead one does not have a work-life balance. Eventually, it may make one does not have time to reflect oneself and have adequate time to rest and enjoy life, which leads to chronic depression. It may be the reason of the high turnover rate of talents in some stressful industries.

Another argument is due to the long working hours. a worker may accumulate stresses during the work. It will form the consumerism behavior to relieve stress by purchasing unwanted items. On one side, consumerism behavior will drive the economic wheel of society. On the other side, a high salary will help the company owner to accumulate wealth.

From the above examples, one may think that having a high salary may not make one happy. However, one could counter some issues such as work-life balance and consumerism behavior and have a proper trade-off between salary and happiness. One could earn a high salary with and satisfying life.

In the end, a high salary may be a common way to achieve happiness based on a social stigma. However, if getting a high pay needs to sacrifice more than one needs, it does not make one to have a fulfillment. Therefore, the balance between work, behavior, and money is necessary for self-actualization, an ultimate form of happiness.

“Balancing work, behavior, and money will eventually lead to the gratefulness and fulfillment of life.”

How does one be able to balance between these components?

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