Discount, Save or Spent?

When you spend your cash because of a discount, does it save your money?

Every day we are spending cash for items that we want, regardless we need it or not. When choosing an option, one is excited by seeing the discount on the item, especially in major events such as Single’s Day and Black Friday. Some will feel incredibly satisfied when they purchase the item due to discounts and crazy offers.

Some are aiming and waiting for the great sale because they could buy items at a discounted price. Especially in this period, one could buy some electronic appliances, clothes, equipment, etc. However, the other is also just buying because of believing that it was cheap and affected by the advertisement.

By buying things in discount, one will have the illusion that one will save a lot of money. In fact, most of us will spend more than on a typical day. There are several reasons for the occurrence of this phenomenon. Firstly, the initial increment in the price before the discount . Secondly, the public stigma that in some celebration days that the thing is cheaper.

Of course, not all products sold in the celebration event are as expensive as a typical day. However, indeed some products are sold in even a dearer price at the celebration event. It is one of the marketing strategy of companies to sell their products.

For instance, to purchase shoes with a price of $100. In usual, there is a buy one get one promotion. On a celebration event, there is a 50% discount promotion. In the end, one will roughly spend the same amount of cash. Therefore, consumers couldn’t save significantly by purchasing a discounted product.

In the general situation, one could say that some do not even check the item price beforehand. On a great shopping event, one could visit a shop and buy some products. One believes that the products are cheaper than usual, just merely because of intense advertisement by companies.

The outcome of irresponsible shopping is a shopaholic habit that will repeat as a cycle. Moreover, the money that one gains from hard work spent ineffectively. To indicate whether you spend it responsibly or not, you may see whether is there is any hoarding of the unused item inside your house.

Proper research on the price before hand is recommended to counteract this issue. Moreover, writing in the note of the item that one is going to buy. One should write it inside the note because our mind will frequently change if there is any external temptation. If you spend your cash attentively, it will significantly improve your money control effectively. Together, we can save more to spend our hard-earned cash into meaningful things.

“Spending your saving wisely so you can spend it meaningfully.”

After you have checked your room/house, any action that could improve your spending habit?

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