Never Compromise on Your Goal

If you couldn’t aim for the best, should you settle for the second?

Have you encountered a situation where you couldn’t aim for what you want, and finally you decided to aim lower? These are the examples when one aim lower: “I am bad on exams, I think a D grade is fine for me”, “I couldn’t afford for an overseas trip, a domestic getaway shouldn’t be bad also”. By lowering your standard, is it able to make you satisfied? Does it let you easier to achieve your goal?

By aiming low arguably will make things getting uncomplicated. As nobody in this world is perfect, it also makes one realize that what makes one incapable. It also cancels the suffering that one needs to pass through to achieve goals. Imagine one doesn’t need to work hard to save up for vacation and could buy anything one wishes. Doesn’t it sound good?

It sounds good as one doesn’t need to work hard. However, it means that one gives up on his/her bottom line. It leads to some effects: everything just goes with the flow, agreeable and could be affected easily, and less option in the long term.

Just Go With The Flow

When a worker gets a low salary, just let it be. When a kid is bullied by his peer, the kid just let it go. When one thinks that go with the flow will bring a miracle, it is dubious to actualize it. As everyone has a habit, the same manner in a similar situation will likely generate a similar result. Unless one is not compromise with the current situation, it is improbable for one to have a better living condition.

Over Agreeable and Easily Affected

Imagine when a guy stopped trying hard to achieve what he wants, he will follow the crowd. He will pursue his life expediently. May be the guy is disagreeable to the people surrounding him, while he is easily affected by the social norm. In a sense, his life path is indirectly controlled by society.

Less Future Option

The most significant consequences when one compromises goal is future choice. Some compromise because of the fear of failure and rejection. When one failed after trying several times, one may stop aiming at what one wishes. When one has compromised, plans and goals are getting further away. In the end, it will lead one to have a discontent life.

Therefore, never easily giving up on what you own and what you wish. Every time you let go, every time you will lose something. If you never compromise on what you want, the world will compromise on you.

“If you never compromise on what you want, the world will compromise on you.”

Are you willing to be persistent on your goal, or let yourself live in regret?

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