The Process of Addiction

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Do drug users realize they are addicted in the initial phase?

Addiction, a word that commonly implies a negative connotation, is one’s symptom that could not stop performing activities that harmful to oneself. This symptom sticks with one since young. Although some are beneficial, most addictions will bring a hindrance that leads to a correct path.

There is various type of addictions. According to the consequences brought, some generate mild effects, while some result in more severe effects. However, every individual reacts distinctively. A dipsomaniac may think that daily consumption of alcohol is reasonable. On the other hand, a naïve kid may perceive it as a taboo action. Why the reactions are different?

Experience plays a huge role in shaping how one reacts. As people favor assurance, it is common to avoid uncertainty. A naïve kid has been taught by his teacher that alcohol will bring a harmful effect. As a consequence, he might not dare to try drinking alcohol because of fear. On the other hand, a dipsomaniac consumes alcohol regularly, where one has experienced it comfortably.

However, this uncertainty also brings benefit to human. The fear on new experience is an effective mechanism to counter the addiction. One will try to resist trying the prohibited action because of the fear of uncertainty.

To initiate the addiction, one has to be triggered by pressure, reward, and the environment. For instance, a guy is considering smoking because of peer pressure from his friends. Initially, this guy may think to resist it. When the pressure has overcome the resistance, the guy will start to smoke. Initially, he tries to adapt on the cigarette smell. Then, little by little, he will get the pleasant feeling from the cigarette. From the pleasant feeling, he got the rewards and slowly changing his attitude towards smoking. The moment the resistance is eroded, that is when the addiction takes place.

Therefore, most are unaware of the process of addiction. To counter addiction, one is suggested to rethink again before starting an action. Other than that, one needs to have the courage to say no. When one says yes for a bad stuff because of the pressure given, it means that one does not have confidence on oneself. To conclude, before starts an action, think for the consequence and believe in own decision.

Think and believe before addiction control ourselves.”

What will you do to prevent yourself from addiction ?

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