A Genuine Compliment

Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava on Pexels.com

When you encountered a compliment, what do you feel?

As humans are social creatures, social interaction occurs once one meets the other. Every day we are meeting people with different conversation topics. From the people that we meet, there are infinite ways of how people converse. While one always cheerfully and optimistically leading the conversation, while the counterpart is quietly playing a listener role in the settings. People interact differently with each other due to the personality difference.

It is undeniable that sometimes one will meet some new faces in a social setting. For one to develop a good impression, one is likely to make a friendly move to another. One method to make a good impression is through the compliment. Through compliment, people will be validated and feel respected. For one to maintain a good relationship, compliments are an essential element.

Conversely, the situation changes if the compliment is not authentic, although the one who received praise will accepting it gracefully. This action will give an impression of one does not speak truthfully. To compliment people occasionally, it will make you have a lot of friends. However, I believe that it is not the correct ingredient for maintaining a long-last friendship in the long run.

Imagine that you meet up with one friend when you are doing something, and you are not doing well on it. Ironically, your friend keeps complimenting on the thing that you did. On one side, you won’t feel complimented. On the other side, your friends will feel guilty of not giving a genuine compliment. Overall, it won’t improve the relationship through this surface conversation.

The compliment is applicative when one meets a new person. It will make the person having a good impression on you. One that tends to compliment people a lot and know when to compliment usually are more likable and have more friends. To improve with the genuine compliment, one will even become more likable than before.

For one who is not often to compliment, one may start to appreciate other people’s work. From there, one will be positively looking at the bright side. Naturally, it is not hard to compliment people eventually. In overall, the world will become a better place by giving a genuine compliment to each other.

“A genuine compliment is what you need for a better relationship.”

What kind of compliment that you would give to the person around you?

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