A Legacy to Leave

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

What legacy do you want to leave in your life?

When one reads a newspaper, one may read about the decease of a popular figure. In this news, it will inform some of the past accomplishment that has been done by this prominent figure. One achievements is associated with one’s identity . For instance, when a pop star passed away, the news will start to talk about past albums and awards. If the figure is a politician, it will talk mention contribution to the country. What are the similarities of these figures?

One definite similarity that these people have is the legacy that they left. These people are doing something that impacts people, regardless of whether it is positive or not. One gave their contribution to education, while another brought a remarkable advancement in the industry. There was a myriad of contribution people brought in this world, that makes them honorable.

To leave a legacy, these people often spend a lot of time in creating something great. For instance, a scientist may spend 20 years to discover a brand new invention. A singer may compose more than 100 songs before he/she hits the billboard. An athlete may exercise 10 hours a day for several years to become a champion. One often put effort to leave a legacy, and often public only see the result without seeing the efforts one puts behind the scene.

From the examples, one may think that one must have an achievement to leave a legacy. Conversely, one doesn’t have to leave a legacy based on achievement. A mother toils restlessly to raise her children. A soldier may sacrifice his life to protect his country. A nurse stands in the front line for her patients. From here, one can see that there is always a reason behind an action.

Sooner or later, one will work when one grows up, regardless of one likes his/her works. The concern arises when one only do the work that he/she has without any reason. It leads one just working solely for survival. Indirectly, it is wasting life, by working blindly five days a week and enjoying life without any direction for the rest of the week. After ten years, while nothing was achieved. Doesn’t it sound like one has wasted ten years?

It is fine for one to have a normal expedient life, and it is unnecessary to be a popular figure. However, it is vital to have a reason in our life. It makes us not wasting our precious lives. When we are getting older, at least we do not have any regret. Hence, if there is a reason, there will be a legacy left in our lives. If there is no reason, there is no meaning and eventually nothing that left.

“A legacy left in one who with a why.”

What is the reason to keep you going in your life?

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  1. We all want to leave something meaningful behind. This is why I write my blog and hope that it lives on.


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