Embracing Yourself

Photo by Allan Mas on Pexels.com

Are you grateful for being yourself?

As a human, every person is possessed with strengths and weaknesses. One enjoys being a great chef that could simply make any dishes, another don’t even know how to use a rice cooker. One could energetically run 10km every day, while another is struggling to do any type of workout. Hence, there is always something that we are excel at, while it is impossible to be better at everything than another.

In this competitive world, society implicitly establishing a scorecard for everyone where every aspect can be measured by numbers. For instance, the salary that you get, IQ and EQ results, certificates that prove one’s skills, etc. This scorecard has been implanted into our minds since we are young subconsciously. This scorecard is mainly formed based on a person’s social upbringing, that leads to different assessment to another.

The application of this inherent scorecard is not only used for assessing others but also applies to ourselves. If a person is confident, he/she may give a relatively higher score to him/herself. Conversely, one with low confidence will likely to give a relatively low score to oneself. The low score is due to the lack of self-understanding and self-acknowledgement, that leads one to not believing oneself.

The lack of self-understanding is formed due to over-focus on other people achievements. It leads to one not focusing on one own’s life. To counter it, find something that one wants to improve. Constant improvement will lead one to highlight the strength. Another solution is to find an activity that one enjoys doing. Usually, a person will enjoy the task that he/she good at and vice versa.

Another reason is due to the lack of self-acknowledgement. As everyone has their weaknesses, it is essential to embrace every part of ourselves. One may try to hide what they cannot do, another may be bragging over the mistake that has been done before. These actions are the example of lack of self-acknowledgement. When one has self-acknowledgement, one would happily accept whatever one has, including the weakness.

Last but not least, nobody is born perfect. Moreover, although someone may be better in certain things compared to you, you are also better than certain things compared to other people. In other words, everyone is unique ,and it is necessary to have faith in ourselves. We need to embrace our strength and weakness to be happy in any situation of life.

“The moment one embraces oneself, the moment one has a peaceful life.”

Are you embracing yourself in any situation?

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