“Real” Connection

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

Do you feel that your connection to people is “real”?

Unprecedently, we are living in an era that is most connected in entire mankind history. In this digital era, social media plays a notable role in our daily lives. One after wake up is opening social media, one may subconsciously open Instagram or Facebook when one is bored. One plays an online game with friends while commuting. Social media seems like the only leisure option for most people until it seizes most people’s time without realizing. What causes people enticed to it?

After one open his/her phone, One may effortlessly know what his/her buddies doing at the moment by just clicking several buttons. Moreover, one may imply the relationship of one with another easily by just opening a social media platform. Because of one’s curiosity, one may open a search engine to find something that one curious. The convenience that social media bring sometimes makes one ignore the interaction with real people.

The ignorance is due to the comfort that social media offers. When one meet new people and could not have a common topic, one may be tempted to play phone to reduce one’s boredom. When one is stressed out to the task given, one may open Facebook to see what others currently doing. It indirectly results in people become more reluctant to know each other in real life. However, the comfort zone itself is not enough for people to stick into social media.

In human interaction, human needs social validation that nowadays is shown vividly in social media. In the human evolutionary point of view, human needs to help each other to survive. In the modern world, this needs has shifted towards social media, where it becomes the center of attention and validation. Social media could also validate one faster than in the real world. Where the validation comes faster and easier, will it result in any inherent consequences?

People are perceived based on the image on social media, that sometimes differs from the real world. Additionally, it will make people pursue “fake” connection, where one interacts with others is only based on the “social media” basis. Occasionally, one will sacrifice things in the real life such as money and relationship to beautify the image in social media. The connection that one acquires is also based on the “fake” image that one presents in the social media. People will care more about their social media identity than their real identity.

Social media undeniably provides comforts and validation to people. However, one should not show something that is not authentic to other people. If one hopes to make a meaningful relationship, one should control one’s reliance on it. By controlling one reliance of it, one will be more contented in life with the presence of social media.

“With the right attitude, social media definitely bring a constructive impact on people.”

How do you build a “real” connection by using social media?

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  1. Maybe you can make friends only for their social media? Unless you are a public figure, you can create a page dedicated to yourself or your brand.

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